Kitchen Trends 2020!

 While researching for kitchen trends I came across this great article written by Houzz Magazine, they are after all the go to source for what is in the now when it comes to anything home decor! 

“The Island Is a Crown Jewel of the Kitchen: Islands are a prominent feature in a renovated kitchen, with one in two homeowners opting to add a new island or upgrade an existing one. Storage and over-head lighting are the norm in upgraded islands (98% and 92%, respectively). Over half of islands house new appliances (52%) such as microwaves and dishwashers. Additionally, sizable proportions and standout colors make many islands pop. For example, gray and blue are top choices for 39% of contrasting island cabinets, while white and wood are top picks for 29% of contrasting island countertops.

Kitchen Spend Increases, Project Scope Retracts: Financial investment in kitchen projects continues to grow, with median spend on major remodels completed in mid-2019 at $35,000, up 17% from a year ago ($30,000). However, the breadth of kitchen renovations has declined for the second year in a row. For example, upgrades to countertops and sinks are not as widespread (89% and 83%, respectively) compared with two years ago (94% and 90%). Similar trends apply to opening the kitchen to other interior rooms and changing the layout or size.

Farmhouse Loses Steam, Full-Wall Backsplash Emerges: Transitional style, followed by contemporary style, continues to lead in popularity among homeowners changing their kitchen’s style (21% and 16%, respectively). The third most popular style is new, as modern style springs forward (15%) and farmhouse style loses steam (11%). In a surprising twist, homeowners who upgrade their backsplash are embracing a feature wall, installing the backsplash from the countertop all the way up to the ceiling (11%) or to the upper cabinets or range hood (63%). That said, neutral palettes still prevail in today’s upgraded kitchens.

Features on the Rise: Blue in kitchen walls is an emerging trend, appearing in 7% of upgraded kitchens (up from 5% last year). Hardwood returned to the No. 1 spot in flooring materials (29%), while vinyl/resilient flooring took the No. 3 spot (14%). After rapid gains in market share from 2016 to 2018, engineered quartz continued its rise in countertop materials but at a slower rate (to 51% versus 48% a
year ago).”


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